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Hi, I am Anusha Veluswamy. I write stories for children and adults. You can find information here about my books, as well as the latest news about my recent work, my short stories, poems, articles and also about the books I read.


I pray you are keeping well in these troubling times and while you are here I hope you enjoy exploring my website.


Hello and Welcome.

Anusha’s Latest Releases

My Amma’s White Stone Mookuthi


What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows?: And Other Poems


My Ammas white stone mookuthi.jpg


My Amma's white stone Mookuthi 


"That he invests so much meaning in his mother’s baubles only underscores the beauty that he’s most in awe of: his mother’s ceaseless, generous, and careful love for him, in this warm tale about the worlds within a family’s love."

- Foreword reviews - 

What if Rainbows were your Shadows?

"Stunning collection of poems that are intensely thought provoking and a fantastic debut!"

- Editor, - 

My Amma's white stone Mookuthi 

"Amma's white stone Mookuthi is listed in books to read on Mother's day 2021."

- Kirkus Reviews - 

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