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My Ammas white stone mookuthi.jpg

Amma's White Stone Mookuthi


Little Bose is enchanted with his mother and her beautiful shiny nose jewel(mookuthi). One day the nose jewel goes missing from his mother's face, leaving Little Bose heartbroken. His mother finds the nose jewel again for Little Bose and somehow it looks bigger, better, and shinier this time.

This book evokes a young boy’s starry-eyed admiration for his mother, symbolized by her mookuthi, a nose jewel she wears. The book was chosen to be reviewed by two top trade publications based in the US and listed under book suggestions for Mother’s Day! 


Shades of woman.jpg

Shades Of A Woman -

an anthology


Every woman has a story to tell. Every person has an inspiring woman in their lives. Be it navigating the vast sea of inter-personal relationships, mental health, heartbreaks, ambitions and career blocks or the simple joys of life, a woman is one with a myriad of shades. This anthology showcases heartening and awe-inspiring stories of women and how they have always strived to be better, not only for themselves but also for their families. Be it a real story or fictional, this collection of heartfelt prose and poetry will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions of perseverance, determination, anger, joy, sadness and love!



What if Rainbows were your Shadows?


What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows?, a debut collection of poetry is a gentle blend of stark realities and dreamlike fantasy, effortlessly echoing our lives. The collection of poetry illustrates our strong eternal ties to living and non- living things, to love, the visceral divine intuition and the sweet drama of nature. The poems are a curious mix of earnest wishes, unspoken prayers, dreamy love stories along with the play and drama of a fired imagination.


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