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I took the leap!

In the beginning of the year I did write about taking a leap with love and I did actually do just that.

Sometimes you know it is the time to start something new.

To trust the magic of brand new beginnings.

With dripping curiosity.

With intense courage tapping our soul .

With profound joy blooming in our hearts -

We are ready for new beginnings.

We are ready for magic.

I am jumping off the cliff with some blind faith, tons of hope and a heart full of love.Jumping into a space where I feel tremendous joy,a space where I recognise myself the most,a space with two of my greatest joys in life - children and books.

@thelittledipperpublishing is our little baby we have nurtured for the last one year.I have had some fantastic people working with me to create stories for littles in the last year @janan_abir_illustrations @shwetaganeshkumar We are working harder to get the books across to all of you.Soon.Real soon.

To learn more about us,our stories and our journey follow us @thelittledipperpublishing

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