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Kaleidoscope - a new home for my short story

I am stoked to announce that my short story ‘ A River of Whire Milk & Yellow Flowers’ has been published in ‘Kaleidoscope’, a collection of short stories that feature 22 emerging Indian writers.

The ebook published by @inkspirepress is currently available for free via Kindle Select or for purchase exclusively on Amazon.

This story is an exploration and expression of two uncomfortable and unsettling experiences of women & girls living in India.

The first being the many hundred rules and myths that cloud women in India and their menstruation cycles.

And the other?The plain audacity of death.Death can creep up on you,frighten and stun you.

Unrelated yet entwine are death and new beginnings.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my story!

with all my love,

anusha veluswamy

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