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Take a leap holding love

We are here.We are through 2021.

We survived and are stronger.

I know you don't have any wishes for 2022,I know you are scared, suspicious and uncertain.

I don't have any great big advice because I am too. But I do come with a little reminder.

When it feels like life is discriminatory and you are fearful and crushed - remember Love.

Remember how it feels.Remember how love leads you; feeds you. Remember the warmth and pleasure love brings you.Remember how sometimes love stood quietly behind you, and remember the days love roared into your life boisterously.

Remember love.Softly.

Remember love, her sweet sweat and unsure words.

Remember love, her ardor and intensity.

Remember all of love when you can't do anymore.Remember her today.

Life we now do know is full of everything nice and all the things we despise.Life on some days feels like an onslaught of jumbled words and distraught emotions.

But when we remember love at times like these, it feels just a bit better.

Like a soothing lullaby on a awful night.Like the first time a baby held your finger tight.Like a handful of your mother's meal.Like the calm that washes you when you look at a sky full of stars.

It is a simple weapon you need to hold tightly against everything you look at with hurt and distaste.

Keep that love close.Treasure it well.Surrender and take a leap holding love tightly against you.

That love will keep you afloat.

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