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May 6th,9th,11th&13th 3:30-4:30pm


Zoom online

Raising Readers Story Camp

Raising Readers Story Camp
Raising Readers Story Camp

Time & Location

May 6th,9th,11th&13th 3:30-4:30pm

Zoom online

About the event

Why a story telling camp?

Reading helps a child emotionally,socially & intellectually.

To raise a reader it is important for the caregivers to be a reader first.Exposing our children to diverse stories helps them understand diversity in real life too.Story telling using voice,senses and props allows children to learn,absorb and be lost in the world of story telling.Story telling helps in free communication and helps children becomes good listeners.

Every story telling session will be followed by a short activity based on the book read.

Who is the story teller?

Anusha Veluswamy Anusha Veluswamy is an award-winning author who loves to tell stories for children and adults. She loves to paint these stories with the colours from her childhood and represent the stories, flavours, and soul of Southern India. When she is not writing stories or slaying dragons, Anusha Veluswamy runs her architectural practice where she fulfils her lego dreams in concrete scapes, finds joy in teaching design, dreams about coffee and is mightily book-drunk. She lives in Hyderabad with her husband, tween, toddler, and 13-year-old dachshund - Sunshine.


  • Raising Readers Story Camp




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