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Episode 01-Libraries,books,inclusion and diversity.

Changing lives with Storytelling" is a conversation-series we at The Little Dipper Publishing will be immersing our-self in along with storytellers from every walk of life-Authors,Illustrators,Translators,Filmmakers,Theatre artists,Social Development sector warriors,Designers from all over India and beyond .We document these conversations on Instagram Live.

In our first episode of "Changing lives one story at a time" we spoke with Banupriya Jegadeesan.She is the founder of the 'Reading Space' Library in Cuddalore.She spoke about the impact of libraries in small towns,diversity and inclusion in children's books.

Libraries are a very important place that do some incredible work - so silently(no pun intended:)). A place of quiet communication and deep imagination.A center from where numerous children take their first flights of fantasy.Libraries are centers of connection and exploration.People come here to learn about them,their origin and their future, about their community and also divergence and differences.

My earliest memories of a library are pretty,sunny,and cloudless.I remember my father taking me every Saturday to the Murugan Lending library - a small dingy haven in Adyar,Chennai.

The small library had 2 narrow pathways created by a center rack that was filled from top to bottom with books and the rest of the small room was packed carelessly from ceiling to floor - with books ofcourse.

I remember walking around the library picking up books like 'little red riding hood picking flowers for her grandma '-I was joyous and free.

In that little library I learnt to exchange my muddled emotions for words,pictures and prose.

The great power of a library lies tenderly not only with the books but also the people who run and care for these libraries.

People like Banupriya Jegadeesan.

You can listen to the entire conversation here.

with all my love,

anusha veluswamy

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